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Our Trespasses by Michael Cordell

Author: Michael Cordell
Title: Our Trespasses 
Publisher: TCK Publishing 
Published: 2021
Pages: 200
Genre: Paranormal  Thriller 

     Drowning in a meaningless existence flipping burgers, Matthew Davis suddenly collapses from a powerful psychic connection he shares with his twin brother, Jake. The pain is violent and immediate, and Matt knows exactly what it means… hundreds of miles away, Jake has been viciously killed. But instead of severing their connection, the murder intensifies it and Matt begins to suffer the agony of Jake’s afterlife. Hell-bent on solving Jake’s murder in order to break the connection, Matt travels to his troubled hometown of Hatchett, Nebraska, where an old lover and savage new enemies expose the festering wounds that Jake left behind. Matt tries atoning for Jake’s sins, but when a demon infests the connection between the two brothers, Matt must find a way to sever their bond before his world, and ours, become engulfed in the flames of hell.

      Firstly I would like to thank TCK Publishing for giving me a free copy of this book for a fair and honest review. Whilst I may not always dip my toes into the world or paranormal literature I have always had a fondness for it on the big screen so when I read the blurb for Michael Cordell's latest work I thought maybe it was time to give it ago. It is only when we step away from our comfort zones that we can find new and wonderful things. So with a new author to me and a genre that promised such sights to show me, I was curious to discover what he could bring to the table. And was it possible to kindle a flame for a category that I rarely touch?

     Mathew is a lot like me and you, stuck in a dead-end job having watched his dreams slip by. he is someone left wondering what lies ahead after all there has to be more to it than being a simple fry cook. But as they say, you can never truly outrun your problems, although for Mathew this takes on a much more literal connotation. At first, it is tricky to understand his emotions towards his now dead twin brother. But the author chooses to build this relationship slowly which in turn gives us a much deeper connection to his hero.  It is ours to discover how familial bonds break and that not always do we hold our kin closest to us. But for me, this adds a very compelling element to the plot. As our hero descends deeper into the labyrinth of his past we get a very realistic view of brothers torn apart in a novel that takes us firmly into the underworld. And whilst at first, Mathew may not strike every reader as the most likable of people it was not long before I at least was being to understand why he had become that man he is and found myself rooting for him to succeed in his mission. 

     As for the paranormal elements that flow through this book I felt the author did a great job at bringing them in just at the right moments. It could have been far too easy to flood the reader with these religious overtones early on and in turn, push some readers away. Cordell shows us a very Newtonian view of cause and effect in religion. Jake has done some pretty bad things and thus is sent to hell to be punished for it. And here would end the tale if not for his connection to Mathew. For me, it was a new and interesting take on the whole subject of a man's soul being punished quite literally for the actions of another. So what we get is someone trying to atone for the sins of another. It's a clever device and Cordell uses it to maximum effect and as the tale progresses, we a drawn into this vortex of damnation and hellfire along with mathew.  

     Now whilst Mathew is clearly the hero of this tale our Theseus if you will. He is not without his own troubles and as much as this tale is about Mathew and his brother it is also about him coming to terms with who he is and the hometown that he tried so hard to outrun. I suppose we always need our heroes to be slightly flawed. We want to see the cracks in their armor and bear witness to their attempts at fixing them. It's what gives such tales heart, the parts of ourselves we can see in our heroes. And this is at the end of the day what the author has delivered. We care that he can find a solution to what would seem an impossible puzzle. What I'm getting at is that these very real-world elements help to bind us into that which is not. Without these, the elements of religious damnation would likely spiral out of control and leave the readers more than a little confused.

     This was a book that delivered far more than its original promise and one I could get my teeth well and truly sunk into it. Its elements of otherworldy walk a fine line between religious scripture and Hollywood blockbuster in the best possible way. For fans of the genre, I feel that you can not go wrong with picking up Michael Cordell's latest work, once you start you will not want to put it down.

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